The Folk Circle Association of Berea, KY 


The Folk Circle Association Inc. is a non-profit tax-exempt organization that promotes participatory folk arts et al in Berea and beyond. We encourage people of all ages expressing themselves and creating community through tradition-based dance, music, crafts, story-telling, and other activities. 


"A Touch Of Berea" is made possible by generous local musicians, who have donated a tune for this exciting album.  Proceeds will go to the Folk Circle Association. 

Multiple thanks to Zoe Speaks/Mitch Barrett/Carla Gover, Berea Castoffs/Al White, Blind Ricky/Randall Conn/Danny Barnes/The Music Makers, Kristi Miller, Steven Emery Johnson, Dove Creek/Pam Perry, Berea College Bluegrass Band/Al White, McLain Family Band, Al, Alice & Ruth, Skip Jack/Deborah Thompson, Deborah Payne, Jennifer Rose, Donna & Lewis Lamb, and Robert Tincher. 

"Hands Four Spring Dance" anniversary CD. This CD is made possible by generous musicians from across America, who have donated a contra dance tune or waltz for this amazing album. Proceeds will go to the Folk Circle Association.

Gratitude to Berea Castoffs, Wild Asparagus, Hotpoint Stringband, Great Bear Trio, Groovemongers, Brittany Bay, Elixir, Perpetual e-Motion, Elftones, The Contrarians, Coffee Zombies, Contrary Travelers, Pigtown Alley, and Wake Up Robin.

This is a great GIFT FROM BEREA. It is easy to travel with, spreads joy, provides good memories, and it is affordable. $15.00, incl. tax.


January 25-26: Swing Shift - sponsored by Contraire Dance Ass'n and Lexington Dance Ass'n.

February 16: Valentine Ball sponsored by the Berea Festival Dancers.

March 29-30: Spring Mountain Folk Festival - Berea College Dance Program.

April 26-28: 16th Hands Four Spring Dance Weekend - 

August 15-18: 10th Berea Celtic Festival. 

September 27-28 : Fall Mountain Folk Festival

October: Waltz weekend - sponsored by Lexington Vintage Dance.

December 1: 26th Danish American Christmas Celebration.

English Country Dance and more every 2nd Saturday at Russel Acton Folk Center.

Contra dances every 4th Saturday at Russel Acton Folk Center.  

Contra dances et al every 3rd Friday at 128 N. Broadway.

Russel Acton Folk Center.

Includes our music resource 

store and office. Worth a visit.

 10th Berea Celtic Festival  
Traditional. Authentic. Grassroots.

3rd weekend in August each year.

Always excellent callers 
and bands.

Contra each 3rd Friday and 4th Saturday.