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The Folk Circle Book and Music Resource Store

Each year between Dec. 26 and Dec. 31 FCA moves its inventory to Seabury Center, Berea College to be a part of Christmas Country Dance School.

New CD: "A TOUCH OF BEREA" - 15 tunes - 60 minutes of great music recorded by Berea musicians.

Berea Castoffs, Al, Alice & Ruth, Zoe Speaks, Blind Ricky, Robert Tincher, Dove Creek, Kristi Miller, Skipjack, Deborah Payne, Berea College Bluegrass Ensemble, Jennifer Rose, Steven Emery Johnson, and the McLain Family Band. $14.15 + sales tax = $15.00.

New CD: Hands Four Spring Dance anniversary album. Extravagant contra dance music. 75 minutes.

Other CDs include: Dances From Appalachia by Donna and Lewis Lamb, and The McLain Family Band. 

FCA Music Resource Store and Office at Russel Acton Folk Center.

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