The Folk Circle Association of Berea, KY 


Danish American Exchange is a network of individuals, groups and organizations in Denmark and The USA. There is no official organization with a board or committees.

The American part of the network has its roots in Berea, Kentucky and Herndon, Virginia. 

In Berea there is DAE program at Berea College, and there are membership groups under the umbrella of the Folk Circle Association. 

The network includes Arthur Morgan School and John C. Campbell Folk School, both NC, Durango, CO and Michigan.

The Danish network will typically include programs under the umbrella of The Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations and the folk school movement. But in reality it could be anyone.

The main purpose is to learn from and inspire one another whether you are a guest in Denmark or the USA. Home stays is a popular way of connecting and bond for a life time. Topics will usually include folk dancing, folk music, singing, discussions, general gymnastics and exchange of political observations.

Landsstœvne 2017 Aalborg, Denmark

The Folk Circle has been invited to participate in the Danish Cultural and Sports Festival 2017 in the City of Aalborg with an adult folk dance demonstration group and a youth group.

We are going.

The Danish American Friendship Association "The Rebild National Park Society" 

celebrates the 4th of July each year in the village of Rebild in Denmark.

In 2017, The Folk Circle Group consisting of Rapa Bora, Lexington Vintage Dancers, Berea College Country Dancers and Berea College Bluegrass Band,  and The Berea Festival Dancers have all been invited to be a part of the festivities in the beautiful heather hills of Rebild, just a 30 min. drive south of Aalborg.  

KY chapter president: Sune Frederiksen.


Vraa Højskole 

Vraa Folk School in the Northern part of Jutland is expected to launch a new week-long course in late June 2017 focusing on "Kentucky Folk Culture". 

At this point it is expected that Sune Frederiksen will be the course leader, and Deborah Thompson and Frank Jenkins leaders of activities. In addition, Berea College Bluegrass Band with Al White will join in.