The Folk Circle Association of Berea, KY 


The Folk Circle Book and Music Resource Store

Each year between Dec. 26 and Dec. 31 FCA moves its inventory to Seabury Center, Berea College to be a part of Christmas Country Dance School. 

New CD: "A TOUCH OF BEREA" - 15 tunes - 60 minutes of great music recorded by Berea musicians.

Berea Castoffs, Al, Alice & Ruth, Zoe Speaks, Blind Ricky, Robert Tincher, Dove Creek, Kristi Miller,  Skipjack, Deborah Payne, Berea College Bluegrass Ensemble, Jennifer Rose, Steven Emery Johnson, and the McLain Family Band.  $14.15 + sales tax = $15.00.

New CD: Hands Four Spring Dance anniversary album. Extravagant contra dance music. 75 minutes.

Other CDs include: Dances From Appalachia by Donna and Lewis Lamb, and The McLain Family Band. 

FCA Music Resource Store and Office at Russel Acton Folk Center.