Folk Circle Association

Berea Storytellers

Berea Storytellers is a new and exciting activity under the Folk Circle Association, and we are so pleased to mention that Bruce Spencer and Chip Bailey will be a part of the coordinating team to lead participants to some great experiences.

Storytelling falls right into the mission and vision of the Folk Circle, and we consider this art form important enough to preserve and develop in both an academic and folk tradition way. 

Our objective is to 

- help create a better story,

- build up strength and confidence to tell your own story

- encourage him/her to tell other stories to a variety of audiences.

- help with character development and resolution.

Our desire is that the storyteller learns to understand and to read the audience, presents what's appropriate, and not hurt people. However, your story may be true, maybe not, maybe both, and you can lie all the way from here to the moon and back again. 

Storytelling can easily become a part of already existing FCA core activities such as Fall Mountain Folk Festival, The Berea Celtic Fest and Danish American Yule Fest. In addition, membership groups such as Hands Four Spring Dance can add a storytelling session as one of its workshops. 

We envision that our storytelling program can continue on zoom to include a wide variety of people from across the continent and also from our folk friends in Denmark and other places. Otherwise the locals will meet in Berea and listen, learn and speak.